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Candle Care & FAQ

Candle Safety

  • Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before each burning. 
  • Burn candle for no more than four hours at a time. For the best scent throw, burn candle between two and four hours at time.
  • Always keep candle on a level surface when burning.
  • Keep candle away from drafts, fans, pets and children when burning.
  • Discontinue burning candle when wax has reached 1/4-1/2 inch from the bottom of the container


  • USA Grown Soy Wax - Soy wax burns clean and contains no toxins or pollutants, so you can feel good about burning it in your home. It also burns cooler than other waxes, so you'll
  • Pure Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils - We proudly use only the finest quality essentials oils - never synthetic fragrances. Essential oils offer a lighter, more subtle scent throw. To aid in increasing scent, burn in a small room and burn candle for two - four hours at a time.
  • Natural Threaded Cotton Wick - Wicks are coated with a natural vegetable oil and a bit of beeswax.
  • Finish: Reusable Glass Jars & Tins